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white paper

Who is TRST (The Revolution Starts Tomorrow)?

TRST was formed as a collaboration of artists, digital designers, social influencers and enthusiasts of the NFT and crypto scene.

Our goal has always been to bring together a community, and to build that community on integrity, energy and quality.

Starting exclusively as a digital street art project, TRST has since evolved into a multi-faceted business consisting of 5 branches:

  1. Digital Street Art – (Art pieces for real life and bearing some utility with our upcoming TRST Comps system and Discord)
  2. The Revolutionauts – (Our flagship NFT collectibles, with utility connected to the TRST Comps system and Discord)
  3. TRSTcomps.com – This will be a blue chip NFT raffle system, currently in development with the help of the Hbar Foundation. This platform will be built on Hedera (with cross chain compatibility) and will offer people the opportunity to play for high end NFTs and prizes.
  4. TRST Bars – We will be minting our very own token for use exclusively in the TRST eco system. These bars will only be available through rewards for participating in the community and also as staking rewards for our holders. These tokens will be redeemable for entry into selected comps, thus giving them an actual use case.
  5. HashStock – The annual celebration of creation on Hedera. Bringing together the entire NFT ecosystem to offer a huge collaborative giveaway, shining light on all creators and the Hedera space as a whole.

TRST is laser focused on achieving its goals whilst creating a fun community. We pride ourselves on being on the pulse, responsive and honest. We will work hard to make the TRST community an enjoyable one where everyone is welcome.

Digital Street Art

Series 1

1/20 total supply: 400 | 1/1 total supply: 20

A collection of film, music and crypto influencer inspired NFTs art pieces, in high resolution format, perfect as digital collectables, or as hangable artwork for the real world. There are only 20 mints of each piece, with one accompanying animated 1 of 1. Living proudly on the Hedera network, our Series 1 designs will not be available to own for very long.

Utility & Benefits

Owning a TRST Series 1 NFT gives you instant access to a buzzing and exclusive club. As a member you’ll have access to perks and benefits that non-members can only dream of! Not least of which is access to the Revolutionauts, your golden ticket to big future competitions and massive prizes.

S1 1/20 holders get a 250Hbar discount on any S1 1/1. and OFFICIAL REVOLUTIONARY status with TRST in Discord, earning you better prizes and giveaways, new channels and brings you into the TRST family!

S1 1/1 holders earn 0.5% payout from total sales on S2, and automatic entry into selected TRST comps.

As an added bonus you will be eligible for “chat to earn” in Discord.

Series 2

1/1 total supply: 20

An iconic collection of film, music and historical figures, in high resolution format, perfect as digital collectables, or as hangable artwork in the real world. There are only 20 mints in total in this collection. A mixture of hand and digital drawings, living proudly on the Hedera network, due to the limited collection size our Series 2 designs will be available via auction very soon.

Utility & Benefits

Owning a TRST Series 2 NFT actually makes you cooler. As a member you’ll have perks in Discord and benefits that non-members can only dream of!

S2 1/1 holders will gain automatic entry into selected TRST comps.

As an added bonus you will be eligible for “chat to earn” in Discord.

Digital Street Art Staking

Once we have minted the TRST token (TRST BAR) we will allow you to stake your pieces. See Staking Rewards section for all details on staking returns. This will be one of the only routes to gaining TRST BARS, which can then be used to enter selected comps via TRSTComps.com.


Gen 1

The Gen1 Revolutionauts are a collection of 100 unique NFTs living on the Hedera network, offering holder tangible benefits within the community and TRST Competition Universe.

Created 100 percent from community contribution, the Revolutionauts are truly unique to the Hedera space. In super limited numbers the Revolutionauts are TRSTs flagship NFT collectible with utility tied to community involvement and our upcoming TRST Comps system.

Gen 1 was completed and dropped via Zuse Launchpad where it sold out in 59 seconds. A heart warming moment for us and one we are truly grateful for.

In an effort to add further benefits to holding a Revolutionaut we introduced DIVISIONS, whereby we split the collection into five factions which are tied to the Discord community. Periodically we will run DIVISION challenges where holders compete with their faction counterparts to win HBAR or NFT prizes.

  • Mission Specialists
  • Scientists
  • Space Marines
  • Space Engineers
  • Comms Specialists

Breeding Revolutionauts

We opened a very exclusive opportunity to breed female and male Revs. Winners of 1 of the 5 Honeymoon Suite Cards, which were auctioned via Lazy Super Heroes auction, would receive a baby Rev which in turn offers benefits such as extra tickets in the upcoming TRST Comps system and a share of staking rewards from the TRST Revolutionaut Gen 1 treasury, for up to 3 years, with the option free of charge of aging the baby into a Gen 2 Rev at any point.

Full list of utility for Gen 1 Revolutionauts

  • Free tickets in selected TRST Comps (this will be dynamic depending on the parameters of the selected competition)
  • 10% Discount on Gen2 Revolutionauts. (Mission specialists has further discounts)
  • Hold a MISSION SPECIALIST and get a guaranteed mint AND cosmic 50% off Gen2 Revs
  • A chance to win 10,000 HBAR in our big prize draw. (This is now over. Congrats to the winner!)
  • OFFICIAL Revolutionary status, offering you chat to earn via our Discord community.
  • FREE AI version airdrop, your very own real life Rev
  • Staking rewards for holding male, female mission specialists or babies (Rewards paid out in TRST Bars. COMING SOON)

Gen 2

Gen 2 is currently in development; we are currently 40 percent complete and are in the stage of receiving submissions to grow the collection.

Utility intended for Gen 2

  • Free tickets in selected TRST Comps (this will be dynamic depending on the parameters of the selected competition)
  • MISSION SPECIALIST offered highest tier rewards in Discord and staking.
  • OFFICIAL Revolutionary status, offering you chat to earn via our Discord community.
  • FREE AI version Airdrop, your very own real life REV
  • Staking rewards for holding male, female, mission specialists or babies (Rewards paid out in TRST Bars. COMING SOON)

TRST Comps

From the inception of TRST we have always had competitions at heart, having successfully run several community centric comps, we decided to invest heavily into this area and develop something truly special on the Hedera network. With the support of the Hbar Foundation we have been able to employ Utopian Lab to create a fully bespoke blue chip NFT raffle system.

Currently in development with testing stage just around the corner, TRST will aim to pull together the entire community to help people obtain NFTs they may never have the chance to own. This system will be built with cross chain potential. We are building a distinct user path back to the Hedera network, giving other chains the opportunity to experience all the benefits of Hedera too.

 We will work hard to build strong relationships with all Hedera projects with the same values as TRST.

To raise awareness, we will host a launch party wherein we will offer several high value competitions with free entry. We want this system to be as accessible and inclusive as possible.


  • Account Creation
  • Wallet Connect for direct entry and seamless prize redemption
  • Token gating, enabling specific collabs
  • Ability to accept entries in Hbar and TRST Bars, with the potential to extend that to other Hedera native coins.
  • Ability to offer staking rewards, paid in TRST Bars to all holders of any TRST NFT, with the potential to also reward holders of selected projects within the Hedera space.
  • Auto ticket select, manual ticket select.

Over the coming months we will be looking to create strong strategic partners, we currently have the support of Utopian Lab , Stader Labs and the Earthlings. This list will grow exponentially as we grow the competitions.


In an effort to create a full eco system, TRST will be minting its very own reward token named TRST Bars. These bars will only be for use within the TRST space, purely for fun and to be redeemable via entering our exclusive TRST Bar competitions. The only way to obtain TRST Bars will be through either of the following methods.

  • Holding any TRST Digital art series 1 or 2
  • Holding any Revolutionauts Gen 1 or 2
  • Participating and winning in one of our frequent Twitter or Discord giveaways
  • Participating in and winning a DIVISIONS challenge
  • Participating and winning in our regular Sunday Discord quiz

TRST will not be seeking listings via the various Hedera dexes. TRST Bars will only hold value once redeemed for entry into selected comps via TRST Comps.


TRST Bars Tokenomics

We have given careful consideration to how the TRST Bars will be allocated for use within the TRST eco system.

Revolutionauts GEN 2

Staking Rewards for TRST Holders

Here we will break down exact rewards for every aspect of holding any TRST NFT

  • Digital Street Art Series 1 =  10 TRST Bars per day
  • Digital Street Art Series 2 = 20 TRST Bars Per Day
  • Revolutionauts Gen 1 Males = 20 TRST Bars Per day
  • Revolutionauts Gen 1 Mission Specialists, Females and Babies = 30 TRST Bars Per Day
  • Revolutionauts Gen 2 Males = 20 TRST Bars Per day
  • Revolutionauts Gen 2 Mission Specialists, Females and Babies = 30 TRST Bars Per Day

(All rewards are stackable)

Current Gen 1 Baby holders will still receive staking rewards from the staked Revolutionauts Gen 1 treasury. Paid out quarterly, for up to 3 years. At any time babies can be aged , free of charge. At which point, staking rewards from treasury will cease and in return, baby agers will receive an adult Gen 2 Revolutionaut.

Discord Chat to Earn

As an added utility for holding any TRST NFT, you can enjoy HBAR chat rewards in Discord at the following rates.

  • Holders of TRST Digital street art series 1 of 20s earn 0.05 hbars
  • Holders of TRST Digital street art series 1 of 1s earn 0.1 hbars
  • Holders of TRST Digital street art series 2 earn 0.1 hbars
  • All Revolutionaut holders earn 0.1hbars

All of the above are subject to change and will be in a perpetual experimental stage and we reserve the right to withdraw this function at anytime.


Celebrating all the amazing creators and participants in the Hedera space, Hashstock was the first of its kind. Bringing together the entire space to create a fun and rewarding giveaway as a collaborative effort from every creator.

Utilising our legacy comps system, 10k tickets were available for free to all. Once allocation was reached, live draws were organised and delivered. Whilst the focus wasn’t charity, we took the opportunity to try and raise money for a good cause.

https://www.charitywater.org/ was the chosen organisation and we are proud to say that we raised just over 40k HBAR. This HBAR has been safely held in the HashsStock treasury wallet whilst we communicate with Charity Water on the possibility of them extending their crypto portfolio to also include accepting donations in HBAR.

Should this option not be possible then we will simply convert to FIAT and pledge the full amount. Once transacted we will announce.

We fully plan to run HashStock as an annual celebration, moving forward we will utilise the brand new comps system to facilitate the entering of HashStock. To decentralise we will create its own standalone website , Discord and Twitter. We are grateful to all the creators who put effort into helping the first run be successful and we are hoping to gain the support of several projects to help govern HashStock moving forward. All of this will take time and effort, and in good faith we will try and deliver a fun and rewarding experience for everyone.

Road Map

2022/2023 Q1

Launch Series 1 Digital Street art – Complete

Launch Revolutionauts Gen 1 – Complete

Launch DIVISIONS – complete

Prepare for Digital Street art Series 2 – complete

Organise and execute Hashstock 2022 – Complete

Prepare Revolutionauts Gen 2 – ongoing

Create added utility through Discord chat to earn – Complete

2023 Q2

Prepare Digital Art Series 2 for drop via auction – complete

Continue to collect submissions for GEN 2 Revolutionauts – ongoing

Prepare TRST Comps for testing stage – Ongoing

Begin creating strategic partners for TRST Comps – Ongoing

Aquire High value NFT prizes from the Hedera space to utilise via TRST Comps – Ongoing

Prepare tokenomics for the upcoming TRST Bars and make available – Complete/ ongoing

Create socials and raise awareness for TRST Comps – Complete/Ongoing

Drop Digital Street art Series 2 via Auctions – Ongoing

Launch TRST COMPS – ongoing

Begin a robust schedule for live AMAs via Twitter and Discord. – ongoing

2023 Q3

Continue to prepare Gen 2 Revolutionauts

Continue to market and grow TRST Comps

Explore the cross chain potential of TRST comps

Continue to develop relationships with the Hedera projects

Explore the potential of crosschain partnerships

Plan and prepare Hashstock 2023 taking advantage of the newly launched comps system.

Create website, Twitter and Discord for Hashstock

2023 Q4

Drop Gen 2 Revolutionauts

Continue to research and expand the functionality of TRST Comps

Continue to build relations.

Continue live AMAs via Twitter and Discord.

2024 Q1

Begin acquiring cross chain NFTs in preperation for TRST Comps cross chain functionality

Plan the final Gen of Revolutionauts.

Continue to market and grow TRST Comps.

Continue to develop relationships within the global NFT space




Creativity and tech. What’s not to love?



Big fan of anything creative and new. Proud to be a part of the TRST team and loving the journey.

Max Walker-Williams


I like technology, commerce and people. My only skill is talking.



Coding enthusiast. Love web3 and all things crypto!




When not collecting JPEGs and writing kick-ass quizzes for the TRST community, I am a keen sports fan – particularly football, I enjoy science fiction, and I am a fan of many different musical genres. To relax, I like nothing better than going for a long walk in the countryside with my wife and our dog.




I love to go fishing with my wife and grandkids and travel to places that are new to me. Master Electrician job pays for my HBAR, love to drem of my web 3 retirement.



I love all things in the natural world and have been gripped by the virtual world too, I’ve also a keen interest in History, ancient artefacts and what the future holds for mankind, would love to explore space one day and could talk about the universe until the cows come home, I play guitar for fun and love classic rock I also love old skool 90’s classics and now I’m loving the NFT space, it’s not just art … it’s also the amazing people I’ve met along the way, long May this journey continue.



I’m a long time Hbarbarian, with a love drawing, scratching and all things that push my creative side.




HBAR MAXI with a big love for NFT’S, DEFI & anything related to Hedera. I enjoy sharing my good fortune by giving away nft’s, hbar or just help in general by sharing my know-how.



I’m an Aussie and I’m into Boxing and Martial Arts. Love my coffee, traveling., exploring new places and meeting new people. I’m also a qualified chef and a Black Belt amongst other things that you may discover a bit later.



Daz is a veteran of reconnaissance work, having served in the military for nearly two decades. After retiring from the military, Daz found solace in the great outdoors. He enjoys spending his free time hill walking, running, and exploring new trails. Hedera NFTs are his newfound passion and he enjoys expanding his Web3 knowledge.


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Read the whitepaper and any other supporting materials thoroughly before acting on its recommendations.

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