Series One drops!

On the 8th April 2022 at 8pm GMT, our Series One NFT collection officially drops on Zuse Market. In total, S1 will consist of 20 unique, hand crafted and most definitely not computer generated designs and there will 20 copies of each available. Super limited! There will also be 1 unique 1 of 1 animated design to accompany each design. Thats a total supply of 420 NFTs, which means that only a small percentage of our community can possibly own one!

As early investors and true Revolutionaries, all buyers of NFTs from our S1 collection will be entered into a prize draw to win a potentially life changing 10,000 HBAR, subject to sale of all NFTs in the S1 collection. Holders of any of the S1 unique 1 of 1 pieces will also earn 1% commissions on S2 sales, motivating holders to further promote and grow the community, as well as being automatically entered into TRST comps hosted on our website.

Tirelessly, we will continue to grow, develop, motivate and engage with our community, moving our project forward and increasing the demand and buzz around our NFT designs, whilst working on our S2 collection.

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