2024 Q1

Begin aquiring cross chain NFTs in preperation for TRST Comps cross chain functionality Plan the final Gen of Revolutionauts. Continue to market and grow TRST Comps. Continue to develop relationships within the global NFT space

2023 Q4

Drop Gen 2 Revolutionauts Continue to research and expand the functionality of TRST Comps Continue to build relations. Continue live AMAs via twitter and discord.

2023 Q3

Continue to prepare Gen 2 Revolutionauts Continue to market and grow TRST Comps Explore the cross chain potential of TRST comps Continue to develop relationships with the Hedera projects Explore the potential of crosschain partnerships Plan and prepare Hashstock 2023 taking advantage of the newly launched comps system. Create website, twitter and discord for Hashstock

2023 Q2


Prepare Digital Art Series 2 for drop via auction – complete Continue to collect submissions for GEN 2 Revolutionauts – ongoing Prepare TRST Comps for testing stage – Ongoing Begin creating strategic partners for TRST Comps – Ongoing Aquire High value NFT prizes from the Hedera space to utilise via TRST Comps – Ongoing Prepare tokenomics for the upcoming TRST Bars and make available – Complete/ ongoing Create socials and raise awareness for TRST Comps – Complete/Ongoing Drop Digital Street art Series 2 via Auctions – Ongoing Launch TRST COMPS – ongoing Begin a robust schedule for live AMAs via twitter and discord. – ongoing

2022/2023 Q1

Lanch Series 1 Digital Street art – Complete Launch Revolutionauts Gen 1 – Complete Launch DIVISIONS – complete Prepare for Digital Street art Series 2 – complete Organise and execute Hashstock 2022 – Complete Prepare Revolutionauts Gen 2 – ongoing Create added utility through discord chat to earn – Complete

TRST Digital Street Art Series 2

Some say that our NFT artwork is good enough to hang on your actual living room wall, but it’s so much more than that. Holders of selected pieces have access to many, many benefits. Explore and find out more now. Proudly dropping our long anticipated Series 2 at the end of February(Dates subject to change)which will consist of 20 pieces all 1 of 1.This series will be more thought provoking and message driven. Optional accompanying apparel will be available. Using Zuse Market to launch at the end of January. No white papers for this drop.

TRST Comps Full Steam ahead.

Aiming to fully stress test the comps platform, we aim to push the wallet connects into the stratosphere! Our launch will include some huge names and will be completely free to enter for all.

TRST Comps

We are keen to roll out regular COMPS of which TRST and REV holders will gain free tickets. We will be working hard to find a development team to help create a robust system to facilitate wallet connect and payment. Currently the system is less than seemless and we want our community to have the best experience, we aim to have this boxed off over the course of the next 2 months. In the mean time we will continue to run DIVISIONS comps and TRST holders quizzes for prizes to ensure you are still receiving value by holding OFFICIAL status.

GEN 2 Baby REVs and Staking

Creation of the 6 GEN 1 Babies who will eventually become GEN 2 adults. We aim to deliver the babies by the close of September. Once in wallets quarterly staking rewards will proceed for holders.