TRST Comps

We are keen to roll out regular COMPS of which TRST and REV holders will gain free tickets. We will be working hard to find a development team to help create a robust system to facilitate wallet connect and payment. Currently the system is less than seemless and we want our community to have the best experience, we aim to have this boxed off over the course of the next 2 months. In the mean time we will continue to run DIVISIONS comps and TRST holders quizzes for prizes to ensure you are still receiving value by holding OFFICIAL status.

GEN 2 Baby REVs and Staking

Creation of the 6 GEN 1 Babies who will eventually become GEN 2 adults. We aim to deliver the babies by the close of September. Once in wallets quarterly staking rewards will proceed for holders.

TRST attends NFTLC

We are proud to have a position at this years NFTLC. Organised bu the amazing Max Walker-Williams and Utopian Lab. Be sure to check it out.

HashStock 2023 development.

After the successful creation and implementation of HashStock 2022, we prepare for the decentralisation of HashStock by creating its own standalone website with competition system, Discord and Twitter. Also looking to on board a council team to help with the organisation and direction of HashStock 2023. Seeking out the potential for a metaverse version

Revolutionauts Gen 1 Drop!

The Gen1 Revolutionauts are a collection of 100 unique NFTs living on the Hedera network, offering holder tangible benefits, not just as an investment, but also within the TRST Competition Universe. Dropping in July (but subject to change) using the Zuse Launchpad. The Revolutionauts are our flagship PFP NFT series created by you!! Go make sure you have submitted yours for considertaion

Hashstock 2022

Hashstock is an annual celebration of creation on Hedera. This year the whole community has come together to produce, contribute, sponsor, donate and enjoy creative works. Get your wallets on some great content produced by the leading established and up and coming projects on the network, whilst having fun and raising money for an excellent cause.

Meet some very special characters! Gen1

Today we announce the TRST NFT character set, The Revolutionauts. Available to TRST NFT holders only, and with only 100 rare 1/1 NFTs in total supply, your Revolutionaut is your key to unparalleled member benefits including free entry to selected TRST competitions, automatic entry into a big HBAR prize draw, early access to future gens, voting rights and much more. As our competition prizes grow and grow, your Revolutionaut will become more and more valuable.

Series One drops!

On the 8th April 2022 at 8pm GMT, our Series One NFT collection officially drops on Zuse Market. In total, S1 will consist of 20 unique, hand crafted and most definitely not computer generated designs and there will 20 copies of each available. Super limited! There will also be 1 unique 1 of 1 animated design to accompany each design. Thats a total supply of 420 NFTs, which means that only a small percentage of our community can possibly own one! As early investors and true Revolutionaries, all buyers of NFTs from our S1 collection will be entered into a prize draw to win a potentially life changing 10,000 HBAR, subject to sale of all NFTs in the S1 collection. Holders of any of the S1 unique 1 of 1 pieces will also earn 1% commissions on S2 sales, motivating holders to further promote and grow the community, as well as being automatically entered into TRST comps hosted on our website. Tirelessly, we will continue to grow, develop, motivate and engage with our community, moving our project forward and increasing the demand and buzz around our NFT designs, whilst working on our S2 collection.

Teaming up with influencers

As part of our marketing drive (very important in any project) we hope to team up with social influencers in the HBAR and NFT space. We’re pleased to announce that we bagged Max Walker-Williams (literally). Max will be acting as our Brand Ambassador, helping drive the project forward and assisting with marketing and promotion.